Mountains, Nature and Sea

From sport fishing, and island tours to hunchback whales watching


Pure adrenaline… Rock Climbing.  Or tasting Geisha coffee

Surrounded by mountains and Volcan Baru, there is a small town called Boquete, with an amazing landscape that shows incredible basalt rock formations originated by the last volcanic eruption many years ago.

In this majestic place expert athletes and amateurs practice rock climbing.

This is the capital of specialty coffee.  Come and taste the best coffee in the world.


Macho de Monte

If you are looking for more adventure, submerge in Macho de Monte

This is a little natural jewel, located very near to Volcan Baru and there you will see the magic of nature like water flowing from walls through cracks, little waterfalls and crystalline waters that make this scenery a surreal view.

Volcan Baru

Conquista la cima del Volcán Barú

Contempla el espectacular paisaje por encima de las nubes.
Llega al punto más alto de nuestro país por Boquete, el pueblo o el camino del Volcán.
Acompañado de un clima fresco que hace las noches un poco frías.

Cerro Punta

Disfruta de la producción de vegetales y fresas más grande del país.

If you want to sweeten your experience in these lands, visit Cerro Punta, a small and beautiful village located in the highlands with abundance of natural resources, amazing landscapes and a perfect climate for strawberry farming that tourists enjoy in all its forms.