Without roads or phone service, tourism in Jaque is for the adventure travelers.  This town is located in Darien 38 kilometers (24 miles) from the Colombian border.  The Darien coast is not inhabited after Punta Garachine and an indigenous village Embera-Wounaan.  After that you will find a small settlement called Jaque.  Next to Jaque you will find Piña Bay famous for its fishing and the Tropic Star Lodge.
As Jaque is inside the Tapon de Darien (Darien plug),  there are no permanent roads that connect it to the rest of Panama.  Between Yaviza in Panama and Turbo in Colombia there is a distance of 106 kilometers. (66 miles) which is not connected by the Panamerican Road (Carretera Panamericana) that covers 30,000 kilometers (19,000 miles) in the American continent.  Environmentalists and the local tribes Embera-Wounaan and Guna oppose its construction as it may negatively affect the biodiversity.  So the only way to get there is via plane or boat which can take up to 16 hours. 
Jaque village is on the Pacific Ocean coast next to the entrance of Jaque river.  It is surrounded by mangroves and a thick tropical forest.   Has two seasons, dry and rainy.  There are no exact records of the total population but it is estimated between 800 and 2,000. 

What to do in Jaque?

Turtle watching

Turtle Conservation Group of Jaque is a non profit organization that has saved thousands of baby turtles throughout the years.  Several species, such as green turtle come to Jaque shores to lay their eggs.  The eggs are collected and transported to nurseries to be protected from predators.  Baby turtles usually hatch between October and February and thousands are released to their natural habitat where just very few survive.  This group does not receive sponsorship from the government just from Frontier police and the community.  Some volunteers come to Jaque to support this operation.


In Jaque you can admire about 5,600 meters of clean beaches with sand in different colors from golden to tones of gray.  The beach may have some waves but is safe for bathing.  Sunsets are considered to be one of the most beautiful in Panama as the horizon shows a group of islets as the sun falls over them.

Fishing on Kayaks

Imbu Bua Lodge is a two bedroom house with air conditioning located next to the beach.  They offer fishing tours on kayaks or using "pangas" (local motor boats).   As they usually go on deep waters, it is required to have navigation experience and besides you will also be joined by a local guide.   They also offer tours for beginners.  They have a conservation policy so you must catch and release the fish.

Indigenous communities

Get on a "piragua" (paddle boat used by locals) through Jaque River to visit indigenous villages of the Choco or Embera Waunaan people.  They build their houses on 8 foot-height stilts.  Try their cuisine, watch their dances or buy their handcrafts.  

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