Panama City

The capital for business

A thousand cultures in one

The most cosmopolitan city in Central America

Old Town

El contraste perfecto entre lo moderno
y lo colonial

In the middle of city walls, colonial houses and history, there is the Old Town or Casco Viejo, the second Panama city, established in 1673. .

More than 300 years of history that you can enjoy in streets filled with restaurants, bars, souvenir shops, ice cream parlors and…

The National Theater

The Metropolitan Cathedral

Herons’ Palace, the presidential house of the Panamanian.

The Interoceanic Canal of Panama Museum located at the original headquarters building of the Universal Company of the Interoceanic Canal by the French.

The Amador Roadway

4 islands in "one"

The Amador Roadway or Causeway links four islands: Naos, Culebra, Perico and Flamenco, with a road made out of stone from the excavations during the Panama Canal construction.

Each picture in this place is a collectable postcard.

Panama Canal

Entre el océano pacífico y caribe,
la maravilla de la ingeniería mundial: El canal del dique

Its location in front of the Pacific Ocean is right by one of the two entrances of the Panama Canal that crosses the isthmus to the Atlantic Ocean.

Between nature and skyscrapers

This city of skyscrapers is home of almost all the tallest buildings in Latin America.  This is true as it is compared to Miami, Singapore or Dubai.

Natural Parks in the City

Metropolitan Natural Park

Tropical moist forest and a panoramic view of the city.

Enjoy nature thanks to the Metropolitan Natural Park in Ancon Hill, the highest point in the entire city with 265 hectares (654 Acres).

  • More than 45 mammal species
  • 36 species of snakes
  • 14 species of amphibians
  • 227 species of birds


Monkeys, fishing and forest

And if you are looking for more adventures in the middle of the forest, you can go to Gamboa, an ancient village that was part of the Panama Canal Zone.

There you can enjoy an air tour in the jungle, boat trip to monkey island, fishing in Gatun lake, nocturnal safaris and walks.

blue and green humming bird flying during daytime

Summit  Municipal Park

Animal refuge and botanical garden

Another wonder of Panama’s nature is Summit Municipal Park,  a refuge and zoo for wild animals and botanical garden.

Soberania National Park

Between Panama y Colon

Also there is Soberania National Park located near the Panama Canal between the provinces of Panama and Colon.

This is the paradise for bird watchers with more than 500 species.

brown monkey on green leaves