Special Assistance

for special experiences 

In AirPanama we want that all panamanians and visitors with no regard to their physical or mental condition can enjoy the best experience to fly as high and far as they want.

¿Who require this assistance?
This type of assistance is required by passengers with special physical or mental conditions.

¿Where can this assistance be required?
During boarding, disembarking or during a flight.

¿Are medical certificates required?
No.  Being a special condition and not an illness it is not required to present a medical certification.

¿Where to request or notify of this assistance?
At the time of booking your flight the passenger or the person assisting him or her must report this condition.
Once the passenger arrives to the airport he or she must request assistance and information about the departure and final destination.

¿How early must the passenger arrive to the airport prior to the departure?
The passenger must arrive to the airport from two to three hours in advance and request inmediante assistance due to his or her condition.

¿How to board the plane?
By AirPanama policies this passenger must have priority boarding the aircraft.  This way we ensure the passenger can find the assigned seat in the safest and most comfortable way for him or her without the pressure of the rest of passengers boarding at the same time.

To get off the aircraft, he or she must disembark last to avoid pressure from the rest of the passengers.

¿What happens to his or her wheelchair?
It could be used up to the aircraft´s gate and afterwards it will be securely stored in the plane's cargo storage, at no extra cost and with priority over the rest of the luggage.

IMPORTANT: This passenger will not pay any additional charge, unless, due to his or her condition it is required to use more than one seat in the aircraft.

Passengers with special assistance needs

A passenger is considered with special needs when his or her physical or mental condition requires special assistance during boarding, disembarking or during flight.

Special companion for a safe and peaceful experience.

Cases and situations in which a companion may be necessary.

To ensure your safety or the person's with a physical or mental special condition, he or she must have a companion, a responsible adult, family or friend with the capacity to provide medical or special attention during the flight if the passenger shows any of these conditions:

  • Is not able to communicate clearly with our staff at front desk or cabin crew due to a mental condition.
  • Is not able to move by himself or herself and must be assisted during evacuation or emergency situation.
  • Is not able to go to the bathroom alone.