Traveling with Pets

Your pets deserve a safe and calm flight experience.

To ensure the wellbeing and the best experience for your pet and the passengers during flight, please take into account the following conditions and policy regulations for pets traveling domestically as well as internationally.

Only dogs and cats are considered pets.

  • Pet crates
    Cages or containers for pets
    All pets must travel inside a cage or container adequate to its size, it must be escape and spill proof, must be resistant and it must be easy to handle by the airline staff.   
  • Vaccination documents and / or certificates
    All passengers with pets must present the required documents such as proof of vaccinations and a certificate of good health from both the city of origin and destination.

  • Harness, muzzle, or leashes
    Dog harness, muzzle for dogs or dog belts All pets must carry their respective dog leash and/or dog muzzle for all traveler's safety as well as to guarantee the safety of airline staff.
  • Ministry of Health announcement regarding pets
    According to the Ministry of Health's note No. 003-DGZ-DCZ from 06/03/2014 each pet (dog, cat) that is moved via air in commercial and private flights must have rabies vaccine. Must present proof (vaccination card or copy of certificate) duly signed by a veterinary confirming the pet has been immunized.

🚨 IMPORTANT: This document must be presented to the health official at the airport, otherwise the pet cannot board the aircraft.

  • Number of pets per passenger
    Only one pet per passenger is permitted. Underage children are not allowed to travel with pets.   

  • EXCEPTIONS: No pet will be accepted to travel in the passenger cabin unless it is a guide dog or emotional support dog, which in this case must present a certificate that guarantees its therapeutic or work functions.