Minors traveling alone

Safely accompanying minors traveling alone

We take care of your children as if they were our own.
At AirPanama, we want each passenger to feel secure and comfortable in their flight, before, during and after.
If your minor is going to travel alone with us it's important that you take this into account.

 Age and charges
This tariff applies to minors between 5 and 12 years of age and has an additional charge of $15.00 per leg for local flights.

 Steps to take for a safe travel of your minor
The minor will be handed by the airline personnel to the flight attendant or the Captain.  Once they arrive, they will be personally handed to the airline personnel at the destination with a discharge order containing the contact information.

 Important documents
The minor must have at hand an official document to identify him, whereas it's a juvenile id (cédula juvenil) or the Social Security beneficiary card.

 Payments for Service
You can pay for this service through the website when paying for the minor's ticket or at the counter when doing the check-in.  AirPanama only accepts transfers from source to destination and will not hand minors to other airlines or third party connections.

 Minors luggage
The luggage to be registered by the minor must be checked by an airline supervisor, since this luggage will be checked-out by an airline employee at its final destination to go through immigration and customs. Therefore, the minor must not carry overweight luggage and his carry-on luggage must be one that he can keep..

Important note:  Minors cannot travel with pets.

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