Minors traveling alone

Safe accompaniment of minors traveling alone

We take care of children as if they were our children.
At AirPanama we want each passenger and their families to always be safe and calm before, during and after the flight.
That is why it is important that you know this information if a minor in your family is going to travel without the company of adults.

 Ages and Costs
This service applies to minors between 5 and 12 years of age and has an additional charge of $15.00 each way on domestic flights.

Process for the safe travel of the minor
The minor when traveling will be delivered by the airline staff to the flight attendant or the Captain of the aircraft. These, in turn, must deliver the minor at the destination station to a representative of the airline with the release sheet that contains all the contact information.

Important Document
The minor must have some document that can identify him as his youth ID; passport or resident card of being a foreigner; Social Security beneficiary card or birth certificate if you do not carry any of the above.

Additionally, you must present a letter signed (not notarized) by one or both parents, with a copy of the identification of the signatories; stating their authorization for the minor to travel alone and that at the destination they will be picked up by a certain person. This letter is only required notarized for international flights.

Service payment
If this service applies to you, you can pay for it through the website at the time of ticket purchase or at the counter the same day of the flight at your check-up. Air Panama does not accept minors for connections with other airlines, only from point to point.

Minor's luggage
The luggage to be registered by the minor must be checked before an airline supervisor, since this luggage will be removed by an airline collaborator at its final destination, to go through immigration and customs. Therefore, the minor must not carry overweight luggage and his hand luggage must be one that he can keep in custody.

Important Notice: Minors cannot travel with pets.

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