Terms and Conditions Web Check-in

  • The Web Check-In registration time prior to the flight will be 24 hours and up to 3 hours before the flight
  • To perform the Web Check-In you must enter your reservation code and surname (s) exactly as it appears on your reservation.
  • The information entered in our Check-In platform is the sole responsibility of the user.
  • Show up at the departure airport one hour (1) before the departure of your flight.
  • Carry the valid identification document required by government authorities: identity card if you are Panamanian or resident foreigner / passport if you are foreign.
  • Carry printed or present in digital format from your cell phone at the airport of origin, the boarding pass issued from the Web Check-In.
  • If the passenger registered in Web Check-In but does not print or present the boarding pass in digital format from their cell phone, they must go through the regular registration procedure for their flight at the counter.
  • Check in advance the maximum weight allowed, according to the baggage allowance that the fare purchased on your ticket is entitled to. You can check our website or contact the Department. Reservations at (507) 316-9000.
  • El tiempo de registro de Web Check-In previo al vuelo será de 24 horas y hasta 3 horas antes del vuelo.If you are traveling only with hand luggage, you can go directly to the boarding room at least one hour before the flight, with your valid identity document and boarding pass.
  • If you have luggage to check-in, you must report it at the counter assigned exclusively for "Passenger Web Check-In", at least one hour before the flight.
  • In the event that the passenger does not comply with the obligation to present himself with the anticipation established in this Contract, he will lose his right to be boarded and his reservations will be canceled.
  • If you travel in a group, each member must complete the Web Check-In separately; that is, individually.
  • ​When selecting Emergency Exit seats, you must meet specific requirements. If you do not meet these requirements, you will be reassigned to a new seat without the possibility of requesting a refund.
    AIR PANAMA reserves the right to reassign the seat, for reasons of weight, balance and / or operational changes.
  • Web Check-In is not allowed for:
  1. Passengers who require special assistance (wheelchair, oxygen, pregnant women).
  2. Recommended passengers.
  3. Passengers with medical news or carrying medical equipment in general.
  4. Children under 12 years of age traveling alone.
  5. Passengers traveling with infants.
  6. Passengers on the waiting list.
  7. Tickets with discounts and / or courtesies.
  8. Passengers carrying firearms.
  9. Reservations that include special services such as:
  10. Unaccompanied minors.
  11. Pet in cabin.
  12. Transportation of unaccompanied deportees.
  • These policies are subject to change without prior notice, so the Airline must be consulted about the advance requirements of the time with which the passenger must appear at the airport.
  • AIR PANAMA reserves the right to refuse the transportation of any passenger who does not comply with the laws or regulations in force; that represent a risk to flight safety and whose documents are not in order.
  • Passengers who have acquired the ticket through actions or transactions with indications of being fraudulent, may suffer the cancellation of the flight and be processed under the applicable criminal laws.
  • Even if the passenger is not present, the authorities can request to open and inspect their luggage; this can happen even if the luggage is laminated. The Airline will not be responsible if the plastic is cut or removed for this review.